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A Thoroughly First Division Newsletter -
2003/04 Season Newsletter 1, August 2003

London and South-east England Branch
PO Box 161, Wembley, Middlesex, HA0 1FW


Hello old and new, we love you all. Cardiff are back, hallo. The beauty’s in the details, man. With City, like all true wonders of modern art, it’s the little things that make it great. We’re back in the First Division and you love it. 18 years of almost unremitting dross, and now suddenly we’ve been on pins all summer waiting for the Shoot League Ladders to come out. Not since I was 17 have I so looked forward to moving those lovely little cardboard tabs around of a Sunday morning. Little things like that, and when you go in Sportspages (note to Thames Valley Bluebirds: it’s a shop in that there London), and can’t find any City fanzines, and the bloke in there nods nonchalantly towards this far, obscure corner of the shop, near the section for coarse fishing and stuff. “Over there mate, with the First Division”, he goes, dismissing you as some glory-hunting cretin stopping off on the way to Lillywhites to get your new number 23 Real Madrid shirt. I went dizzy. I’ll be honest, sometimes this summer I’ve been doing normal things, working, trying to eat without singing, minding the gap, woodturning in my shed, desperately trying to maintain functional relationships with adults (including women), things like that, and I’ve just plain forgotten we won a game 1-0. Then, like the sudden glorious hedonistic rush from a drug you took an hour ago and had forgotten about (or so I’ve read), it hits you in the middle of the chest and ohmygod you feel sick, Forest, exultant, Sunderland, euphoric, West Ham, and paranoid, Millwall all at the same lovely time. The perfect high.

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I’d like to set the record straight about Middlesbrough. Previously known to me only as the site of a right shoeing outside Ayresome Park after our legendary FA Cup Replay win there in 1994, this titan of Teesside towns can now be worshipped forever as the promised land that gave us that pocket-sized package of precision-finish perfection, the one and only golden nugget Andy Campbell. After 115 minutes of nerve-shredding action, this diminutive ginger lovely launched himself stratospherically into the pantheon of Ninian legends, and ensured he need never buy a drink in south Wales ever again, as he let the ball bounce once (oh no he messed up against Wigan he’s going to mess up again), then twice, (and against Crewe, it’s going over) before launching the sweetest kiss of leather upon polyurethane-coated Mitre Size 5 leather the world has ever seen as his left boot lovingly caressed that gorgeous sphere into a perfect orbit, a 2 seconds where your whole life stood still. All those crap grounds, all those soul-sapping years, frozen in your mind’s eye in mid-air, your fate adrift on the fickle whim of the laws of aerodynamics. It was like being in The Dice Man (but real, and no dice). The ball’s in the air, still, and it feels like it’s been in the air for ever. Oh my God it’s under the bar and the nylon of the net has seduced the ball, taken it into its cwtching clutches, and even silk on silk has never sounded smoother.


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The 1927 Clubbers there, mainly in a 125-strong block of pent-up upper-tier angst, a group of battle-scarred men and women the likes of which your Sky-following plebeian masses have never even heard of, looked longingly at each other for the nanosecond it took to make sure it wasn’t a mirage, and exploded – gloriously, beautifully fused together in the collective release of the frustration, joy and love of many years’ devotion. We were all over each other, our collective cariad-fuelled energy deliriously, disbelievingly, channelled in an orgiastic overdrive of arms, legs, tears and flying daps. Stuart Allen kissed me, and this time I think he meant it. Lewis was like Mr Tickle on tour, arms everywhere and doffing his hat to one and all. I will smile for the rest of my life after that epiphanic afternoon.


You’ve been through it all, new members and old members alike, and I implore you every single day this season to love it even when we get beat, and none of this oh-no-but-it’s-only-Rotherham. Oh no it jolly well isn’t only Rotherham, it is the Football League releasing a list of Nationwide Division One fixtures, with 46 of them in a row featuring the beautiful, implausibly wonderful Cardiff City. We are in the First Division. We’re playing Sunderland, away, on my birthday. I once “celebrated” my birthday watching us play Maidstone, in Dartford. I will say no more. Enjoy every single beautiful, glorious second of it, we’ve earned it all of us. When it rains every day for a year, you love the sun when it kisses your face again. We need players, mind…

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1927 CLUB MEMBERSHIP 2003/04

CCSC Membership rates have gone up and, for the first time in about 8 years, we have had to put our rates up too. This season’s membership will set you back 7, with 3 quid extra for family membership for under-16s. We have just been to the PO Box after our summer sloth, and thanks to all of you who have already joined/renewed. We are waiting for CCSC main branch to send us your membership cards and will ship these to you as soon as we get them. If you join before 30 Sept (or have already joined) you will receive a nice City badge and all (perhaps not on the same day as the card though due to arcane mailing systems in Cardiff).

There’s a form on this site - click the join us! link on the left hand bar for anyone who hasn’t sent theirs in yet. Feel free to copy them on to mates who may not be on our mailing list. PLEASE NOTE when we get cheap group travel to games non-members will HAVE to pay the 7 to join before they can get the cheap fare. New members, Ring Rob re travel and he’ll get you to grim northern outposts for next to nothing, and a free bag of nuts, knowing that lad.


The 1927 Club website goes from strength to strength. Since its February 2003 launch it has seen over 82,000 page impressions, averaging around 650 a day during the week. The message board now has well over 100 registered users and has recently seen mammoth debates on such gripping issues as where to drink beer, what to put on our exclusive 1927 Club t-shirts and what our favourite colour is, when the politics has all got a bit too much.

The articles page has proved popular, with photos of away trips as well as some excellent writing from members on a variety of City-related topics. We welcome any (non-sexist, non-racist, non-homophobic) contributions, especially when Tony Vidmar’s defensive genius gets your creative juices gushing. Or just get that QPR stuff out of your system and saved for when your kids look you up on Google. Go to and get involved. The site also has a members-only area with travel and ticket info, and it’s going to be a busy old season so it will be invaluable. Email Matt on and he’ll sort you out.

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After a summer of hard-core bickering we are getting 2 different designs of 1927 Club tshirts made (right now). Both in navy blue and a range of sizes, one has the bluebird in a white and yellow circle with “19” and “27” either side, and the other version has that with text top and bottom saying “1927 Club Cardiff City: London and south-east Supporters Club”. Have a look at the one with text here. The other one is the same but without the text (just 19 27). Numbers are strictly limited, 10 each, payable to The 1927 Club, first come first served on or by phoning Rob Hughes. We’ll meet you in pubs, at games, or send them to you (postage on application). Let us know, they will help you pull lusting lasses (or lads, depending on taste, natch).


We have a Committee who do their best to organise information (via regular newsletters and the website) and your membership and your ticket and travel stuff. The following are the nominations for this season’s committee. Please have your say, or stand, or offer to help. Or anything!

Chairman – Mark Ainsbury.- incumbent
Membership Secretary – Robbie Thomas - incumbent
Travel Officer – Rob Hughes – incumbent
Website Manager – Matthew Gabb - incumbent
Treasurer – Steve Lyell – incumbent
Social Secretary – Jonathan Lewis – accepted invitation to stand, proposed

The results of the election will be announced at the August meeting (see below) and on the website and in the Newsletter. Get involved, tell us what you want more of and less of. Email with your thoughts. Thanks.

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We meet on the FIRST THURSDAY of every month, so next meeting is August 7th, After years of planning to move, we have finally taken the plunge. The NEW venue is a rather nice pub somewhere in the metropolis that is London. Details in the private forum. It has Young’s beers, all other drinks, food, air-con and a lot of other pub paraphernalia. 6pm on see you there. It’s near to CG and Holborn tubes, new members welcomed.


Stuart Allen going home

Good luck to 1927 Club stalwart Stuart Allen and his long-suffering wife Katie who are moving to (or, in Stuart’s case, back to) Wales to work because it is nicer than London. I first talked to Stuart, a hitherto impressively scary blur of smoke, Burberry and left-wing polemic, on the Bob terrace at the Wrexham 5-1 game in 1994. He looked like something out of Clockwork Orange, all sharp threads, hoolie chic and ranting scripts for cutting-edge Welsh dramas about fin-de-siecle ennui and alienation of the soul (crew). Even then the man was a channelled stream of cynical invective that made me want to be like him when I grew up. I still do. No 1927 Club trip will be the same without him, especially not last-day train trips to Crewe when the train gets stuck in (whisper it softly) Rugby. Stuart and Katie, we love you and we’ll miss you and good luck and stuff in your new jobs. We’re sad, and jealous. Respect.

Congratulations and sleepless nights to Richard and Pippa Jones, who have recently had a baby boy, Sam. Congratulations too to Richard and Nicola Lewis on the recent birth of their twins Molly and Dylan. And yet another future City midfielder, as Meirion Griffiths and his partner Max have just had a baby boy too. It’s all the rage. Love and best wishes to all of you from all at ’27 Towers.

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Sing your hearts out all the 20-or-so ‘27ers going to Belgrade to worship those Kappa-clad Gods as they take on Serbia on August 20th. Watch out for the 1927 Club flag on TV as Hartson scores his third.

The 1927 club

First Division, unbelievable. See you at the meeting and at the match. Mark

NOTE: Travel info is in the tickets & travel section of the messageboard - accessible to 1927 club members. Please send the website editor a mail on if you can't get at it! Or drop Hughesie a line on to reserve your place on the latest magical mystery tour.

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