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Cardiff City Football Club Membership Scheme

Updated May 2006

As you will all know, a lot of things have changed in the last few years, mainly that we are in 'The Coca Cola Championship' (or Division 1, or if you like the old Division 2) rather than rattling round in the lower reaches of the football league. As such we are now getting big(gish) crowds and there is demand for tickets. With this in mind, and with an imperative to make money and get everyone's details on computer for security and marketing reasons, CCFC introduced the membership scheme, to be continued this coming season.

The vast majority of our regular members are also in this scheme as it gives you first dibs on away tickets. It is now 20 to join.

The 1927 Club strongly urges all its members to join this scheme (or buy a season ticket) as these are the 2 best ways of ensuring that you will be entitled to tickets this season.

Same as over the last few seasons we have a special concession to 1927 Club members, who are allowed to apply for membership by post. This creates considerable work for ticket office staff and, whilst we are grateful for this concession, I would still encourage you, if you are going home or to a game any time soon, to apply in person at Ninian where your card and photo will be made digitally. For those of you are renewing, they will simply use last year's picture and you shouldn't need to send anything off, the whole transaction can take place on the phone.

If applying by post PLEASE make sure you send 2 passport photos (with your name on the back of each) and a photocopied passport or driving licence, and telling them you are a 1927 Club member. This applies to members living more than 100 miles from Cardiff only (yes, Reading counts, TVBs).

As I said though, please do it in person if at all possible as it is quicker and easier for all concerned. IMPORTANT can you please let us know when you join the 1927 Club whether you are a member of the Football Club or a season ticket holder, this is so we can keep our records up to date.

If you join the Football Club during the season please let us know by mailing us. And please note, just having a fan number on your match ticket does NOT mean you are a member of the Football Club, you have to part with 20 big ones for that. Do it if you can.

You can see full details of season ticket / member prices on the official club site here. Or you can do it the old fashioned way and phone them up on 0845 345 1400.

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