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2002/03 Season Newsletter 3, January 2003

London and South-east England Branch
PO Box 161, Wembley, Middlesex, HA0 1FW

I wouldn't know what to do if we were good.

Good old City - whatever other turmoil is going on in your life, one thing stays constant - we heap love on the City and they so brazenly snub our amorous adulatory advances.

Yet another bleak midwinter finds our beloved Bluebirds playing like a bunch of prize garden gnomes (the fishing-rod ones), with a January set of results (and performances) that had me checking the programme to see when we got bought out by the circus. It makes me laugh.

We should be 20 points clear of the cesspit of mediocrity that is the 2nd Division, yet here we are deservedly in big trouble. Sam knows it and all.

He said after Stoke that his plan was us going up this season, and to be fair he has put the money up for players who should be doing a much better job than they are at the moment. Time to play for the jersey, boys, because it's been scandalous recently.

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We have before our incredulous eyes the most expensively assembled squad ever to tread the hallowed turf of Ninian, and yet we are a two-man team. And one of those two hasn't played since that shambles at Oakwell 3 long months ago.

Danny's continued absence adds injury to insult, and his return can't come quick enough, particularly with Prior making Bungle out of Rainbow look like Paolo Maldini.

What a woeful January. Lucky to get a point against Swindon, easily second best (except in singing and natural fibres) at Coventry away (despite the garbage Sky may have fed you) and then humbled, against Huddersfield, the team out of the whole 92 with the most problems on and off the field (apart from our west Walian chums).

Prior getting mugged by an arthritic Andy Booth to notch the winner in what must surely be one of the most shameful City performances ever (ever) just about sums up the whole sorry shower. We're lucky two games were called off, or it would be even worse.

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Then hooray we sign Alan Mahon, a left-sided midfielder with international and Premiership experience, and stick him on the bench, when we desperately need width in the side. Stone me, did I blink and we then signed bloody Denilson to go wide left in front of him?

No, Lennie has a vision, and plays 4-3-3 (which Lennie has openly said is not the way we should play), and guess who's in the wide left slot - Leo. Leo? Do me a favour, not only is that not his best position, but Lennie hasn't even been playing the bugger anyway, apart from his 10-minute wave-your-arms-around slot.

Well he's injured now so Mahon will get his game, hallelujah. Honest to God, I'm taking my boots to Northampton because even I could slot into a system as utterly rubbish as that. It's so bad it literally makes me laugh my head off.

As for Prior, well I only wish words failed me, but in his case they certainly do not. UN weapons inspectors have been barking up the wrong tree in Baghdad. Talk about weapons of mass (self)-destruction, this man is a walking talking smoking gun of the highest order.

Hans Blix would have a field day booking this chump for material breach of City's defence capability.

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In evidence I give you his seminal displays at Barnsley, Colchester, Luton, Huddersfield, and counting. Poor dab, even his wife Clare blows the whistle on him in the inaugural edition of the new City magazine, saying when she first met him she "found him a little bit boring". This, presumably, before she turned up at a match and found him a little bit rubbish. (This was written before the crunch Latics clash, for which I only hope he was dropped).

Sorry to be a downer, but it's only because it's so obvious. I can see it, and I drink SA.

Margetson is our best keeper but is stuck on the bench, while Alexander stays on his line and utterly fails to command his area. Kavanagh, who missed the McAlpine by going down sick 90 minutes before the rest of us did, really needs to pull this lot together (like he never does) because we look so gutless we aren't even going to make the play offs the way it is going. Fan Zhyi, I have nothing good to report. #

Whalley is sorely missed, and will add a bit of class when he's back to the midfield, and we surely have to stick to a 4 there, rather than all this chopping and changing nonsense. Lennie, wake up mate, the honeymoon is well and truly over, and you have a lot of overpaid fancy Dans totally not doing it.

You're the one who'll get sacked, not them. Here is a list of teams who are not as good as us, but in fact are playing together far better than we are - Wigan, Crewe, Oldham and even Bristol City, who must have laughed all the way home after we totally failed to show against them at Ninian.

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Sam must be pulling his hair out, what more do they want? And let me tell you, this new ground is going to be a nightmare if we're still stuck in the 2nd. We need to put a decent run together right now, but the way we are playing, disjointed, players out of position all over the place, doesn't bode well.

Yes, I know we are doing better than in recent decades but that, sadly, is not the whole point. How many times this season have we been really convincing? Hardly any, and with Kav in the paper saying we want it all done and dusted before the hard final 3 games, well it will be, you cheeky silver fox, because we will be ninth and nowhere.

Earnie's a bit of alright, mind, and they've got lovely fleece scarves in the shop, warm as toast.

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SAM HAMMAM to attend 1927 Club meeting

Our illustrious leader Sam has been in touch with the 1927 Club to see when he can come and talk to us all again. He loves us, basically. I am currently hoping he will be able to make it for our March meeting, provisionally booked for 6 March so keep it free.

I am awaiting confirmation of this from the great man himself, and will let you all know as soon as possible the confirmed date and venue. It should be a cracking night if his previous London meeting is anything to go by. Expect to hear about the new ground, he's mad on it. And that poxy new badge affair.

Free Yugoslavia v Wales trip to be won at March meeting
As well as Sam Hammam, the March meeting will also see the 1927 Club joining forces with Wales fanzine "The Dragon Has Landed" to raffle a free trip for one to Yugoslavia to see Wales on April 2nd.

All subscribers to the fanzine (£10 for 7 issues) will enter a draw to be made at the '27 Club meeting that night, winner gets a free trip to Belgrade (and back), simple as that. For subscription details email Neil on, or enter at the meeting on the night.

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New 1927 Club website imminent

After sitting around rubbish pubs for ages talking about revamping our website, we're on the verge of opening a new 1927 Club website, with editorial, match reports, and a member-only message board / discussion group, password-protected for just 1927 Club members so you can all talk about your favourite colours, and your memories of Pikey blazing yet another glorious chance halfway down Bessemer Road. More news as soon as it's up, so to speak.

Membership money and cards

Membership cards are enclosed for those of you who have not yet had them, with apologies for the slight delay, I was staring out of the window thinking about Cohen Griffith, the summers were longer in those days. Please note, those of you who have not yet paid your £6 memberships will not receive any further newsletters from us, so please get those cheques rolling in to the PO Box and we'll make sure you stay on the list.

'27 Towers bought a computer at Christmas, and it is planned that newsletters will be monthly for the rest of this season - if you want anything to go in them, email me at and I'll sort it. Reports, rants, travel to matches, anything.

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"Nice City Fans" Shocker

Well Done to the '27er who wrote to South Yorkshire British Transport Police after they were brilliant and went miles out of their way helping '27 Club members to get trains back to London after Barnsley away.

The Police Commander (!) wrote back personally, delighted and impressed that Cardiff City fans had taken the time to write, assuring us that each Officer would have a copy of the letter placed on their personnel file, and wishing us well for the rest of the season. I'd have him instead of Prior, way it's going.

Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets in the run up to Christmas. The 1927 Club raised £670 which was donated to orphanages in Azerbaijan during Wales' visit there at the end of November. Sam Hammam kindly donated a signed Cardiff City shirt, won and worn in bed ever since by Richard Shand, Croydon boy made good.

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