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2002/03 Season Newsletter 4, March 2003

London and South-east England Branch
PO Box 161, Wembley, Middlesex, HA0 1FW

So we’re either limping to automatic promotion or freewheeling towards the play-offs. Things you need to know this month include:

Bristol City away, Tues 22 April – URGENT

Cardiff City FC have announced travel plans for this crucial game. It is all ticket, with 1500 away tickets being allocated. The 1927 Club will be running a coach to this game, complying with all the rules laid down by CCFC and the Police (not by us). To travel you MUST go by coach, tickets will only be given out to people on the coach. We will try to make sure all our eligible members who wish to travel get a ticket, but you have to let us know SHARPISH!

As with Stoke away last season you can only go to this game if you are a SEASON-TICKET HOLDER or a MEMBER of Cardiff City Football Club AND you must (all) have been to 3 ALL-TICKET away games this season. This applies to everyone. So, just being a 1927 Club member is not enough (though it has meant you get this newsletter). You MUST meet all the criteria. We have records of which of our members are club members and/or ST holders.

IF you are eligible and IF you want to travel YOU MUST get in touch with Rob Hughes, our travel officer, on, or tel 020 8809 5512 (evenings, and answerphone) by NEXT WEDS 19 March so that we can comply with Cardiff City. Inclusive cost for 1927 Club members will be 25 (cheques to “The 1927 Club”) and should be sent to Rob when you book. It will be first come first served. If you don’t get in touch by then you can’t go with us.

Timings and details are to be confirmed but we will pick up at Hammersmith and a Berkshire M4 junction to be confirmed. We will then join the Police escort into Bristol, so will be leaving Hammersmith c1430 (again, this is so we can comply with Police instructions, it is not flexible). Once you are booked, we will keep you in touch with arrangements.

Hooray we have a New Website:
The 1927 Club hits cyberspace at

After months of high-level design meetings (in pubs) the 1927 Club website is finally on-line, and it’s a beautiful thing, baby. Frankly it’s world class, and large parts of it are only accessible to 1927 Club members. Articles already up include the glorious history of the 1927 club, an international man of mystery on his doomed trip to Peterborough, existentialist musings on the life of an exile, some Wales stuff and some truly scary photos. From now on the newsletters will be uploaded on there and we hope to draw on the vast literary talents of our membership (that means you) to fill the articles section with anything funny, interesting or plain ridiculous relating to City or Wales.

The chat forums are already up and running where you can berate the team for playing like clowns at home, talk about trains to your hearts content and debate who was sixth in the pub before Brentford away. You can also e-mail and ask for your very own sexy e-mail address, or request access to the shady world of members only areas on the site where travel and ticket info etc will be updated instantly. It’s the future, man, embrace it.

Many thanks to Dread and Jon Lewis for their fine work in getting up and to Matt for his work running it day-to-day. If you have any suggestions or submissions then please get in touch with Matt on and you will be out there.

STOP PRESS Sam Hammam rang last week and still plans to visit us in London before season’s end, but is busy with the new stadium plans. He will confirm a date soon, so keep your eyes open on the website and for a flyer by post. I’ll give as much notice as I can!

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