The 1927 Club were the London & south-east England Cardiff City Supporters Club from their inception in 1990 until 2012, when Vincent Tanís insulting and extreme rebrand made the club we followed unrecognisable.

We were the only supporters organisation to officially oppose and condemn the rebrand, for many of us it effectively killed off the football club and instantly it was clear that a significant majority of active supporters could not bring themselves to follow the product of Tanís bastardisation.

The membership old and new were widely canvassed and the clear majority agreed to withdraw The 1927 Clubís support of the football club until it returned to its historical identity. In light of the role the club played in connecting Welsh exiles in and around London and the strong friendships that were formed over the decades we keep the club running and hope that one day it can return to actively following a football club we recognise as Cardiff City.

A new group for people still actively attending matches has been set up and they can be contacted at

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